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One Veterinarian. One Physical Therapist. One Idea.

With Flexiblepet.net, you can communicate with your clients easily online and provide them 24/7 access to their pets’ home exercise program, including detailed program instructions, easy-to-follow exercise photos and videos. Additionally, you may share your own notes and announcements with your clients through your personalized Flexible Pet web page.

Owner compliance yields the best results for pets. This digital internet based home exercise program makes it simple for owners to correctly treat their pets at home.

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Pre-Set Programs You Can Use Immediately

We have a library of more 10 pre-set programs and protocols for a variety of common injuries and conditions.

Your Own FlexiblePet.Net Website & URL with Social Media Support

Clients Log-In on your company’s custom web page using the URL you provide (www.flexiblepet.net/valleypetrehabilitiaton). Use the customization features to add your company logo,add information and photos, and choose from a variety of color palettes. You can also link your FlexiblePet.net homepage to your Facebook page or other social networking sites.

Access Over 120 Exercise Demos in our Extensive Online Library

We have a library of more than 120 exercise demos, each with specific written instructions, photos and streaming videos. Your clients can log-on and easily view or print their current exercise program summary, or, access exercise details to verify they are performing each exercise correctly.

Enhance Client Communication

It’s easy to reach out to all of your clients, or to individual clients, on FlexiblePet.net with exercise program updates, reminders, news, notes, and tips.

Create Custom Protocols and Templates

Quickly develop multiple custom exercise programs, or protocols, using exercises utilizing both our library as well as custom exercises.

Add Your Own Custom Exercises

If there is an exercise or protocol you recommend to your clients that is not included in our extensive library, you can easily upload your own exercise instructions, photos and/or streaming video links for your own exclusive use.

Support an Unlimited Number of Clients Online

The perfect compliment for in-clinic therapy, FlexiblePet.net also offers seamless support for clients who are traveling. Easily check-in with clients, modify exercise programs between office visits and give clients support for the programs you’ve assigned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your clients can rely on your FlexiblePet.net website to help them stay on track with their pets’ exercise programs and complete them the right way, every day.

Custom Page for Each Pet

Each pet has a unique page on the site that the owner logs into and can bookmark. The page is personalized with owner and pet’s name, photo and even hobbies and allows the owner to see notes from their therapist, and easily print/view a summary of their pet’s current exercise program. Details about each exercise and are easily accessible, and include photos and videos to demonstrate technique.

Access Exercise Programs on their Mobile Phones

Clients can access their pets’ FlexiblePet.net pages on SmartPhones to complete their current programs anytime, anywhere.

Canine Anatomy Chart

Easy diagrams to show basic canine anatomy as it relates to various exercises.

24/7 Access

Clients can access their pet’s programs and get help with how to do them online anytime.

Multiple Pet Support

Multiple-pet owners can easily switch back and forth between pets within the site without logging out.